Equipped to Counsel Level 2

Who: All Level 1 certification holders

Why: equip followers of Christ with the ability to apply the gospel in personal and specific ways to the heart and struggles of others by developing more advanced skills in the personal ministry of God’s word with people.


  • A more comprehensive approach to biblical counseling including history, tenets, and insight for the future.
  • Practical skills for one-another ministry include careful listening, helping people open up, conveying compassion, grace, and mercy, and guiding constructive ministry conversations.
  • Basic questions of psychology–who we are, why we do what we do, and how do we change–as informed by the bible.
  • Deeper biblical theology and connecting it to current issues within sessions.
  • Application of all to real life-case studies.


  • Live counseling-based lectures.
  • Live theology-based lectures.
  • ABC qualified supervisor
  • ABC annual membership
  • Subscription to Journal of Biblical Counseling
  • Biblical Counseling Basics Roots, Beliefs and Future by Jeremy Lelek
  • Bible Doctrine Wayne Grudem
  • Completion of a Theology exam and Counseling exam with feedback
  • Ticket to the annual ABC conference