BCBC is an Association of Biblical Counseling (ABC) approved center to train individuals who wish to be certified to counsel biblically.

Level 1 Certification
Level 2 Certification

Develop a biblical philosophy in the work of counseling and discipleship, gain an understanding of biblical counseling and acquire a basic understanding of the general and specific methods. Level 1 training consists of seven months of intensive study.

Gain a deeper understanding of theology and dependency on the Holy Spirit. Develop practical and advanced skills in biblical counseling as you minister to others in your apprenticeship. Level 2 consists of further training and 100 hours of supervised counseling.

Level 3 Specializations

Coming Soon – Level 3 will provide in-depth,  specialized training for specific issues in counseling such as Marriage & Family, Addiction and Domestic Abuse.

Advanced Certification

Those who have already received a Masters or Doctorate from an ABC approved seminary or Bible Institution can pursue Advanced Certification in Biblical Counseling through the Association of Biblical Counselors. Refer to their site, listed below, for further information. Advanced certification requires a master’s degree in biblical counseling plus testing.